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4 Horse Coach for Sale - Excellent Condition

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This drag was purchased from Mr. Steve Jarmin of Bedford, England. Mr. Jarmin, recently deceased, was an active Coaching and Road Club enthusiast. He purchased his original Whitlock Drag from the estate of the late Lt. Col. Sir John Miller, Crown Equerry to her Majesty the Queen, and gained such an appreciation for the vehicle that he commissioned this reproduction. The original was an 1864 Henry Whitlock made in Kensington, London; this is an accurate reproduction of that Park Drag. This reproduction drag is slightly lighter than the original from Sir John Miller, weighing in at 1000 kg (2205 lbs.), while the original weighs 1140 kg (2513 lbs.). Mr. Jarmin drove the reproduction to Coaching Club events including the races at Ascot, as well as the Queen’s Gold Cup, Smith’s Lawn, and Windsor Great Park. Jarmin’s remarks about the coach: “The new one is on roller bearings and runs with the horses, rather than the original, which always seems to be nagging the horses. We won The Royal Berkshire show with our new-built Drag about 5 years ago against 13 other originals, it was not a popular decision (among the period purists) but did endorse the coach as being up for the job. Since then the coaching scene has been within the reach of a lot more drivers and has really taken off. But, I have to say they are not all good copies and some are more than ugly.” The original colors of this drag were yellow and blue on black, following Sir John Miller’s original color scheme. The striping was repainted in 2009 with a period red. Both striping colors are shown in the photographs at the link below. The condition of this drag is excellent. The extra pole, spare bars, skid shoe, picnic boxes, umbrella basket, ladder and lamps are included. The link below shows photographs of the Coach horsed and unhorsed: For more information, please call Timothy J. Butterfield at 603-548-3889 or 603-548-3890.