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Letter to the Editor

October 29, 2014

Draft Horse Journal
ATT: Letter to the Editor
Box 670
Waverly, IA 50677

Mr. Telleen,

I would like to take this opportunity: the Draft Horse Journal’s fiftieth year in publication: to acknowledge and bestow gratitude upon, not only the founders of this fine magazine, but the current editor and his team who relentlessly strive to unify our industry through their quality quarterly publication.

The draft horse industry is not a product-driven industry. We do not yield an item that humans willingly wish to consume; like milk, meat, feathers or fur. Except for a rare sliver of history, when naturally-synthesized premarin was of value, the draft horse has contributed little in the last 75 years to the world’s gross domestic product. Sadly, the days of the draft horse’s primary position in North America’s agricultural society are all but a memory.

And so, we have an industry that holds no value of productivity, yet the industry still persists. How is that possible? I will tell you why: it is, in part, through the dedication and efforts of a non-breed-specific publication called the Draft Horse Journal (DHJ). There is no other tool in our industry that has the global reach (21 countries), the breadth and the depth of content that is consistently produced by the DHJ. It is, quite simply, our industry’s history book, right before our very eyes.

Regardless of what breed of draft horse one may fancy or the activities in which one partakes; I challenge you, dear reader, to find an individual who does not recognize that the DHJ is the citadel of all draft horse publications. The DHJ is the ‘go to’ desktop source that sits on our kitchen tables or at our nearby recliner chairs; always easily accessible, so that we may refer to its ‘catch all’ content at a moment’s notice. We are blessed to have the DHJ. Very few livestock industries have a publication that unites the entire species as a whole!

A nod to Maury and Jeannine Telleen: founders of the DHJ. In 1964, who in their right mind, during the fledgling stages of commercialized farming, could possibly think that a living might be eked out of the pages of a magazine about a fading species of horse? Thank you Maury and Jeannine; for having the courage and perseverance to grow your vision of the DHJ. I will make mention that, not only do the senior Telleens live on through their continued publication, but also through the sly wit of the current editor, who dusts his unique sense of humor between the lines of the current quarterly’s pages: something I am sure that his sire observes with great satisfaction.

To the current management and creative mill: your tireless efforts, exceptional talents and unending generosity do not go unnoticed. As an industry, we appreciate you. I am confident that you do not hear these words near enough. Thank you for standing out in the wind, rain and snow taking photos of sale toppers. Thank you for putting an ad together at last minute for the customer who, chronically, never seems to complete the task. Thank you for all of the behind-the-scenes things that you do, which do not receive the acknowledgement that they rightly deserve. On behalf of the draft horse industry, Mr. Telleen, please accept our long-overdue thanks, gratitude and appreciation for all that you and your team do for our industry.

As a horse-crazy, PMU jug-tipping ‘small-townie’ from western Manitoba, my early draft horse years were fairly far-removed from the high box, wooden-wheeled, chromed-out show wagons that I poured over in the splashy ads of the DHJ. Yet, through the unyielding efforts of a passion-driven editor and his faithful family, I still felt like I was part of it all. Thank you Draft Horse Journal. Your publication always has, and always will be, from every corner of the globe, the intricate thread that binds our beloved industry together.

Congratulations on a splendid fifty years in publication!

Wishing you continued success,

very sincerely,

Andrea Detweiler