Submitting Ads


ALL ADS MUST BE SUBMITTED CAMERA-READY as high resolution PDFs, TIFs or JPGs. Contact us for a list of qualified graphic designers if you require one. If you use a designer that is not familiar with our publication, have them contact us for our specifications/dimensions.

NO BLIND ADS. Information must include name, city & state/province. E-mail address only does not suffice. Applies to all standard & commercial advertisers.

  • Ads will run as they are provided, however DHJ may alter ads not created to fit our specs/templates.
  • Always follow up with a phone call to be sure that we received your files and that they are usable/correct.

Full Page Ads

  • Live area 7.33”w x 9.5”h (text is safe within these measurements).
  • Trim size 8”w x 10.75”h. Add 1/8” (.125”) bleeds to all sides.
  • Please, no text .65” from bottom of page (trim), to make room for DHJ folio.