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The Clydesdale Special includes the following 7 DHJ back issues.

  • Spring 1989 – Featured one of the great brood mares of the breed, “Collessie’s Mable Footprint” by Jim Emmons.
  • Autumn 1989 – A day-by-day report of the Clyde Association’s trip to Scotland and the Highland Show.
  • Winter 1992-93 – Featuring the SIX stallions that were important in rebuilding the breed.
  • Spring 1993 – Featuring another great brood mare, Donna’s Royal Gift, and her two famous sons... Solomon’s Commander and Solomon’s Commodore.
  • Spring 2004 – Featuring the outstanding brood mare, Kettlestoun Valetta, and part one of the three part series on “The Foundation Years of the Clydesdale Breed” by Jim Emmons.
  • Summer 2004 – Featuring “The Foundation Years of the Clydesdale Breed-Part II” by Jim Emmons.
    Also featuring “Don Castagnasso, A Career With Clydesdales” by Miles McCarry.
  • Winter 2004-05 – Featuring “The Foundation Years of the Clydesdale Breed-Part III” by Jim Emmons.

This is the equivalent to a crash course in modern Clydesdale pedigrees.