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In this issue: The Annual Workhorse Issue

  • America's Percheron Cornerstonesby Bruce A. Roy
  • The Demise of the Draft Horse and then, the Renaissanceby Edward Y. Morwick
  • Westward Ho! — Highway 50 Association Historic Wagon Trainby Cappy Tosetti 
  • Working Horses With Jim — A New Way to Make Additional Income While Working Horsesby Erika Marczak
  • Eye of the Beholderby Judy Brodland
  • Horse Progress Days 2023 — How is the Temperature?by Dale K. Stoltzfus
  • The Days of Traveling Stallions, by Merlin Ford
  • The 2023 World Clydesdale Show, by Brenda Hunter


  • On the Road With The Draft Horse Journal
  • A Favorby BaxterBlack


  • Show Results
  • Horse Pull Results
  • Sale Reports
  • Autumn Scenes from the Files of J.C. Allen & Son, Inc
  • Historically Speaking, by Steve Jones
  • Schedule of Upcoming Sales
  • Schedule of Advertised Events
  • Horses & the Law, by Ken Sandoe
  • The Last Ride (Obituaries)