Hale Brothers' Belgians—The All-American Herd

by Edward Y. Morwick

"Among the many Amish communities in the United States with well-deserved reputations as producers of quality draft horses is the Arthur-Arcola area of east central Illinois. Level as a billiard table and as green, fresh and fertile as the Valley of the Nile, it is, at first glance, an unlikely place for a concentration of draft horses," wrote Maurice Telleen in the Winter 1980-'81 issue of The Draft Horse Journal. "It is a more likely spot for mile-long rows of soybeans and corn, cash rent tenancy, abandoned farmsteads and an absence of fences."

Yet here, the Belgian draft horse is still an important source of farm power. And it is here, postal address R.R. #2, Lovington, Illinois, that you would find the Hale Farms, the place where brothers named Jack and Gary, when it came to Belgian horses, rewrote the record books.

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I have been a fan and serious student of The Draft Horse Journal for 25-plus years. I still carry the latest issue with me and refer to it almost on a daily basis.

Gary Nebergall

For those of us that are rookies to the draft horse world, it is a gold mine of information, not to mention stunning photography & excellent human interest stories!

Karen Sedotal

I can always tell when a new issue of The Draft Horse Journal gets mailed, because my phone starts ringing and business picks up.

Terry Pierce, Belgian Hill Farm

My Dad had every issue of the Draft Horse Journal. It was the most awaited magazine in our house–always read from cover to cover and still is today.

Patti Fogle

So many orders came in from our ad in the DHJ. Thank you so much!

Sandy Leply