Poor Paul's Place – The Paul Cooper Story

by Edward Y. Morwick

In a full-bore attack on the Clydesdale show rings, he gathered purple ribbons as easily, seemingly, as a man picks apples from a tree. The names of those horses of his, long after their master turned out the barn lights for the last time, continue to illuminate the pedigrees of North America’s best horses.

For nine consecutive years, from 1980 to 1988, Paul Cooper and his son and daughter, Eugene (Gene) and Mary (listed in show programs as the "Paul Cooper Family"), exhibited the Grand Champion Clydesdales, stallions and mares both, at the National Clydesdale Show. During the same period, they brought home nine grand championship banners from the Royal Winter Fair. This was an unequalled performance regardless of livestock breed and it entitled the Coopers to call their establishment “The Home of the Champion Clydesdales.”

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