The Draft Horse Journal: Autumn 2022

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Receive a print copy of Autumn 2022-the Annual Workhorse issue!

132 jam-packed pages!

  • Horse Progress Days 2022
    by Lynn Telleen
  • Horse Progress Days 2022 Is In The Bag
    by Dale K. Stoltzfus
  • The Hitch Itch - Modernizing the Belgian Breed
    by Edward Y Morwick
  • From Law Enforcement to BBQ Sauce Old Mule Co.
    by Cappy Tosetti
  • Hitched To A Dream - The Messenger Family of Cheyenne, Wyoming
    by Judy Brodland
  • Ringbone - Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment
    by Colleen Callahan
  • An Ode to Fred Bixby
    by Merlin Ford
  • Hydrocarbons & Heavy Horses
    by Bruce Baker
  • Preparing Draft Horses For the Market in France
    by Virginia Kouyoumdjian
  • Rooted In Family History
    by Lynn Telleen
  • The World Percheron Congress
    by Brenda Hunter