Spring 2022

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Spring 2022 Features:

  • The U.K.'s Young Clydesdale Mares
    by Bruce A. Roy
  • Some Interesting Transactions at Draft Horse Auctions
    by Edward Y. Morwick
  • Gentle Giants Become 'Centaur' of Attention in London
    by Ian Harden
  • Purple Hearts Can't Be Broken—Reinbow Ranch Spotted Drafts
    by Judy Brodland
  • Horse Logging & Forest Fire Mitigation
    by Kenn McCarty
  • Three Historic Hitches
    by Merlin Ford
  • The Indispensable Mules of Grand Canyon National Park
    by Cappy Tosetti
  • Percherons In Europe—2021 In Review & The Outlook for 2022
    by Virginia Kouyoumdjian
  • EZ Spreader & the Erb Family
    by Dale K. Stoltzfus
  • Industrial Infrastructure Was Built With Horse Power
    by Soul of Canada
  • Three Worlds Collide
    by Jim Meyer