Summer 2024 – Digital

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In this issue: The Annual Summer Horse Sale Issue

  • The Stoney Lake Belgiansby Edward Y. Morwick
  • Meet 5th-Generation Clydesdale Exhibitor & FFA Equine Proficiency Award Winner Addison Kobernick, by Judy Brodland
  • Journey To The Draft Horse Classic, by Thaddeus O'Malley
  • A Way To Preserve Our Heritageby Lynn Telleen
  • Dream Big, Aim High & Find Your Cloud 9, by Brenda Hunter
  • The Road Apple Gardener - One Man's Much is Another Man's Windfall, by Edmund E. Dailey
  • Rocky Mountain High, by Judy Brodland
  • The Mule - A Versatile Hybrid, by Fred Hendricks


  • Summer Scenes from the Files of J.C. Allen & Son, Inc
  • Horses & the Law, by Ken Sandoe
  • Doc's Talks, by Dr. Lisa L. Eller, DVM
  • Historically Speaking, by Steve Jones
  • Hooked on Pulling, by Jo Jo Duvall Russelburg
  • Horse Pull Results
  • Sale Reports
  • Schedule of Upcoming Sales
  • Schedule of Advertised Events
  • The Last Ride (Obituaries)