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Draft Horse Journal is the world's leading all-breed draft horse and mule periodical.

Read by an estimated 25,000 draft horse enthusiasts every quarter, Draft Horse Journal is the magazine that people in this industry turn to when they need to locate supplies or services. If your business or organization serves the heavy horse industry, there is no greater value for your advertising dollar.

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Single Insert Dimensions B&W Color
Full Page

Trim Size: 8"w x 10.75"h
with bleeds: 8.25"w x 11"h
Live Area: 7.33"w x 9.5" h

$575 $975
2/3 Horizontal 7.33"w x 6.33"h $415 $760
2/3 Vertical 4.83"w x 9.5"h $415 $760
1/2 Vertical 4.83"w x 7.33"h $300 $575
1/2 Horizontal 7.33"w x 4.67"h $300 $575
1/3 Square 4.83"w x 4.67"h $220 $490
1/3 Vertical 2.33"w x 9.5"h $220 $490
1/3 Horizontal 7.33"w x 3.17"h $220 $490
1/4 Paired 3.67"w x 4.67"h $175 $350
1/4 Free Standing 4.83"w x 3.67"h $175 $350
1/6 Vertical 2.33"w x 4.67"h $115 $225
1/6 Horizontal 4.83"w x 2.33"h $115 $225
1/6 Paired 3.67"w x 3.17"h $115 $225
3" Ad 2.33"w x 3"h $85 $140
2" Ad 2.33"w x 2"h $55 $100


All ads must be submitted camera-ready.
Yearly Contract Rates available on request.

The above rates are for the breeder and dealer in draft horses and mules, the harness and equipment maker, public sales, shows, pulls, plowing contests and other events involving draft animals. Commercial and Manufacturing Rates: Add 50% to the above rates – for such as feed companies, insurance companies, books, horse trailers, miniatures, etc. View Ad Rates & Specs for more information.

CLASSIFIED ADS (print edition only)
  • $1 per word. Minimum $20.
  • Ads due before publication.
  • No blind ads. Information must include name, city and state. E-mail address only does not suffice.
  • Must submit a hard copy of your classified via e-mail, fax or mail.
    No proofs provided.
  • No billing-all classified ads must be prepaid.

All classified ads are to be paid in advance. Please send classified ad information to The Draft Horse Journal, 623 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City, Iowa  52240.
Phone: 319-352-4046 or E-mail:


 Issue Ad Copy Due Mailing Date
Spring January 20 early March
Summer April 20 early June
Autumn July 20 early September
Winter October 20 early December


To advertise, or for more information contact Draft Horse Journal:

(319) 352-4046 (ext. 1)