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Receive a digital downlowoad of the Winter 2020-'21 issue.

Winter 2022-'23 Annual Holiday & Stallion Issue

192 packed pages

    • Clydesdale Cornerstones  by Bruce A. Roy

    • The Fish Run — A Sleeping Race Awakens  by Jean-Léo Dugast

    • Wes Ferguson — In No Uncertain Terms  by Brenda Hunter

    • Diligence — A Lasting Legacy for a Prominent Percheron  by Cappy Tosetti

    • The Meadow Brook Triumvirate — Constrico, Conquerais & Congolaise                by Edward Y. Morwick

    • Household Cavalry Drum Horses — Welsh Shires Make a Major Difference to British Tradition  by Ian Harden

    • Stori Enterprises — Horse Owner's Delight  by Fred Hendricks

    • Horsemen's Roundtable — Stallion Management    with Rhonda Cole, Ray Yoder, Kristen Gordeyko & Scott Nebergall, DVM

    • Rising Star — Kaleigh Lynch of Connecticut's Utopia Percherons                  by Judy Brodland

    • Hiawatha  by Jim Emmons

    • Reflections of the 2022 World Clydesdale Show  by Cathy Behn

    • Striking It Rich   by Brenda Hunter

    A History of the International Livestock Exposition                          by Melville E. Horne
    A Breed Record Shattered at the Topeka Fall Sale ... For a Clyde!  by Steve Jones
    Hoof Against Soil, Chisel Against Stone  by Brian Leber