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Spring 2023 Features:

  • The Hale Brothers' Belgians — The All-American Herd
    by Edward Y. Morwick
  • An Historic Chapter Closes — Pioneer's Agriculture Equipment Sale
    by Fred Hendricks
  • Meet the Wild Horses of the Sand Wash Basin
    by Judy Ann Brodland
  • Marcus Landry & Beulah Land
    by Ronnie Hartman
  • North America's Clydesdale Cornerstones
    by Bruce A. Roy
  • Historically Speaking ...
    by Steve Jones
  • Straô Parade — Sojourn to the Sea
    by Cappy Tosetti
  • The Tail-Docking Controversy
    by Brenda Hunter
  • Chief Laet Descends from Good Producers
    by Hardy E. Salter
  • 2022 Draft Animal-Power Field Days
    by Erika Marczak
  • Draft Horse Dilemmas
    by Christa Veinotte
  • Patton — One of Culver's Most Beloved Horses Donated to Therapy Program
    by Tom Coyne
  • Let's Talk Value
    by Kenn McCarty

The Draft Type of Foot  by E.N. Wentworth
On The Edge of Common Sense – Farm Animals In History  by Baxter Black
Terms Used By Horsemen  by H.W. Vaughan
The Chair  by Tom & Scott Word