Spring 2013

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192 pages

  • Nothing Left to Win-Cape Cod Percherons, 
    by Bruce A. Roy & Lynn Telleen
  • Our Featured Broodmare: The Queen of Camelot (Marcon’s Queenie) 
    by Mark Lindquist
  • Our Featured Stallion: Balgreen Final Command, 
    by Jim Emmons
  • Broodmare Problems in Late Gestation & Following Foaling, 
    by Bruce Christensen, DVM, MS
  • Big Horses Hit the Big Time – American Shires in Dressage, 
    by Natalie DeFee Mendik
  • At Lively’s Livery, The Creams Rise to the Top, 
    by Cynthia Bombach Helzel
  • Reg Black – A Percheron Icon, 
    by Bruce A. Roy
  • 2012 All-North American Shire Results