Spring 2024 – Digital

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In this issue: The Annual Spring Broodmare Issue

  • A Tribute to Eldred Pierceby Edward Y. Morwick
  • The Year of the Blue Brabants, by Garry Leeson
  • Canada's Bill C-355 Targeting the Live Export of Horses for Slaughter, Which Begs the Question ... Who's Next?, by Brenda Hunter
  • Horse Sweep in Action – Sawmill Powered by Horsesby Fred Hendricks


  • A Bull Ballet, by Baxter Black
  • The History & Purpose of Colt Shows, by Ray P. Speer
  • Safely Putting on the Pounds – A closer Look at Why Your Horse Is Too Thin, by Juliet M. Getty, PhD


  • Spring Scenes from the Files of J.C. Allen & Son, Inc
  • Horses & the Law, by Ken Sandoe
  • Doc's Talks, by Dr. Lisa L. Eller, DVM
  • Show Results
  • Hooked on Pulling, by JoJo Duvall Russelburg
  • Horse Pull Results
  • Sale Reports
  • Schedule of Upcoming Sales
  • Schedule of Advertised Events
  • Historically Speaking, by Steve Jones
  • The Last Ride (Obituaries)