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The Annual Horse Sale Issue – The industry's most complete listing of 2023 Heavy Horse sales

Additional Summer 2023 Features:

  • The Armageddon Clydesdales Black, Bold & Beautiful, The Best
    by Edward Y. Morwick
  • Champion Manifesto A Conversation with Brian Coleman
    by Judy Brodland
  • North America's Belgian Cornerstones
    by Bruce A. Roy
  • Mounted Archery A Popular Sport Steeped In History
    by Cappy Tosetti
  • Moss Rose — One of the Greatest Clydesdale Mares of All Time
    by Jim Emmons
  • The Maritime Four-Horse Hitch Classic Series
    by Brenda Hunter
  • Bowman Harness 100-Year Success Story
    by Fred Hendricks
  • British Brewing's Four-Legged Friends
    by Jo Caird
  • When Horses Learned to Fish
    by Candace Brown
  • Historically Speaking
    by Steve Jones 
  • Bayard
  • The Earl of Dunmore
  • The Mad Cow Escape, by Baxter Black