Winter 2000-'01

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WINTER 2000-'01
330 pages

  • Lebanon Christmas Festival & Horse Drawn Carriage Parade
    by Arthur Bolduc
  • Ladies Only
    by Bill Kiley
  • A Bit of Change Myler Bits
    by Annie Ommert Lambert
  • The Owl Creek Hitch
    by Arthur Bolduc
  • Those Magnificent Belgians
    by Paul B. Bordelon
  • Using Horses to Harvest Ice in Northeast Iowa
    by Lynn Telleen
  • Horsemens Roundtable: Foaling;
    with Abe Allebach, Martin M. Schmucker, Rhonda Cole & Curt Paton
  • A Journey to the Kladrubys of Bohemia
    by Werner Hess
  • Horsepulling
    by Cecil Darnell
  • Disneyland Drafts
    by Bill Kiley
  • Belgians to Central America
    by Martha Jordan Weygant
  • The Christmas Rifle
    by Ryan B. Anderson